Vibrations from the black, boxy speakers send a pulse down my spine. I’ve heard it said in an older anthem that God is a DJ, and I’m beginning to understand why.

I sway to the beat, the sound of gently clinking ice in my cocktail drowned out by hedonistic house music. I feel like a teen again.

The setting for my summer adventure? Ibiza.

It’s an island known for its late-night beach parties and wild times, but the trip I’m on comes with a difference. This time, I’m dropping out as well as tuning in…

You see after partying hard I can head to the just-done-up Sol Beach House Ibiza, on the East Coast destination of Santa Eulalia bay, for a detox.

Celebrity model and stylist Roxie Nafous has just launched a tailor-made wellness programme here that includes yoga, juice detoxing, massages, and relaxing treatments.

While I doubt it’ll help me get a body like a model, the special detox programme here does work wonders on my hangover (as well as sipping a hair-of-the-dog).

Only you know which side of Ibiza is best for you – to yoga on the beach, or drink on the beach, that is the question?

But do be sure to give Ibiza a go. Whatever your choice, it’ll make you feel a million dollars.