There’s much talk of a mental health ‘crisis’ in the UK and around the world, and self-harm and suicide are on the up among young adults. We aim to address this with – and we also aim to publicise the seemingly taboo subject of travel for people with mental disabilities.

Our vision

The Enabling Travel team wants to make travel as easy for sufferers of a mental disability as for those without. The website started when one journalist asked another to take a press trip for her, because her disability meant she could not participate. The second journalist realised that this was an injustice to be solved, not a substitution to be made!

Our mission

Our writers suffer from disabilities and mental health issues – and know what you are going through – but are also professional journalists. Our team has written about mental health for The Mail on Sunday, The Guardian, The Independent, Metro Online, The Lancet Psychiatry & Disability Now. They have given keynote speeches across the UK on living with psychosis and schizophrenia which includes talks for schools.

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The Enabling Travel team